I’m ugly as fuck


I’m ugly as fuck

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This is a sample off my bands demo.

My band flex is putting out a demo sometime soon.
If you’re into pop punk check out this band from Modesto
Video Interview with codexred should be up sunday.

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Interview with Morgan from The Sheds

5 piece Melodic Hardcore/Ska from Augora Hills, Ca

Where are you guys from? What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?

We are from Agoura Hills, California, which is a small town about halfway between Ventura and downtown Los Angeles.

The farthest we’ve gone from Agoura so far is probably Centralia, WA when we went up there on our “Dungeons and Dragqueens Tour” this past August.

How did you guys decide upon the name “The Sheds”?

Funny story about our name haha. When we started, it was just me and my brothers, Mac, and Evan. As we were trying to think of names, one of us suggested “The Shitheads” and of course our mom said no way (I was 9 at the time) so we decided that we should compress “The Shitheads” and call ourselves “The Sh-eds”, and somehow, it ended up sticking haha.

How did you guys manage to get onto 1/3 of Vans warped tour?


Well we (as a band) had been hammering Kevin Lyman for years to let us play at least one day of Warped and finally, we got our wish granted and played the final day of Warped ‘09. We had another meeting with him last year and we were told that Warped ‘10 was already booked up and he’d check on us this year and give us at least a week on the tour. That brings us to November when he called us in for a meeting and asked us if we wanted to play a full third of the tour and of course our answer was yes!

I recently heard you’re going to be having some guest vocals on some of your next releases, can you tell me a bit about that?

Not quite allowed to talk about guest vocals yet!

^ :(

What have been your biggest influences both lyrically and instrumentally?

Some of our biggest influences as a band kind of split between ska bands (Less Than Jake, Streetlight Manifesto, The Suicide Machines), hardcore bands (Comeback Kid, Defeater, Have Heart), and punk bands (Nofx, Bad Religion, Strike Anywhere). My personal biggest influences in terms of writing music are somewhere in the middle of all of those. Mac would be the one to ask about lyrical influences, however.

What plans do you guys have for the near future?

For the near future, we have some very exciting things coming up like a show with Less Than Jake, a show with Reel Big Fish, and our debut No Sleep Records to be announced in the coming months. Keep an eye on us for other interesting news as well!

Thanks to The Sheds for giving me the interview.

- Dan